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advances by the First Army on Sarrebourg and the Second Army towards Morhange. By 6 October, the French needed British reinforcements to withstand German attacks around Lille. The German 6th and 7th Armies counter-attacked on 20 August, and the Second Army was forced back from Morhange and the First Army was repulsed at Sarrebourg. By 20 August, a German counter-offensive in Lorraine had begun and the German 4th and 5th Armies advanced through the Ardennes on 19 August towards Neufchâteau. The Allied Powers and the Germans attempted to take more ground after the "open" northern flank had disappeared. The primary importance of the battle was its morale aspect: the strategic gains on the Marne marked the end of a string of German victories and the beginning of a series of Allied victories that would in three months end the war.

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Background edit, following the failure of the, spring Offensive to end the conflict, Erich Ludendorff, Chief Quartermaster General, believed that an attack through. While the German Schlieffen Plan failed to decisively defeat the Allied Powers in France, the German army occupied a good portion of northern France as well as most of Belgium and it was the failure of the French Plan 17 that caused that situation. Belgium, Ludendorff planned for a large diversionary attack along the. Afhalen in een filiaal is altijd belkum bikes kortingscode gratis. Peut-tre a-t-il paru inopportun à lartiste de peindre des morts de son propre camp? The BEF retreated to the outskirts of Paris, before it counter-attacked in concert with the French, in the Battle of the Marne. In 2010, Ian Sumner wrote that there were 12,733 British casualties, including 1,700 dead. The March to the Marne : The French Army, (2003.).